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You have this great vision for your for-profit or nonprofit organization, but maybe you're missing some of the pieces you need to pull it all together. Your success will be established by investing in the time, and finances necessary to build a solid foundation.

Although you may or may not be multi-talented, it is never a good choice to continually wear all the hats. Eventually, you will burn out and your business will suffer greatly. You need a team of professionals that specialize in all the things you will need so that your business or organization can prosper and reap maximum benefits.

We Offer:

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Programs and Consultations

YORR Consulting Group is a full-service Training and Consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and teams communicate more effectively. Government and Nonprofit Organizations face unique challenges and the ability to work well with fellow employees, leadership, staff, committees, the Board, volunteers and the community is paramount.


The following are some of the highly interactive, participatory programs and consultations that we have done to help Government and Nonprofit Organizations be more effective.

  • Board Retreats - Focused to achieve realistic and attainable goals

  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting – Facilitating a process to produce viable plans that work

  • Experiential Programs

  • Board Orientation – Informing new board members on roles & responsibilities

  • Governance (Policy) vs. Operations

  • Volunteers-Where to find them, How to engage and retain them

  • Managing Change – Understanding & managing in a cyclical work environment

  • Personality Profiles - DISC, Myers Briggs and others

  • Generation Gap - Building Bridges to Understanding

  • Leadership Training - Leadership vs. Management

  • Effective Meetings - Board, Committee, General, Annual with new age Robert’s Rules

  • Train the Trainer - Facilitation Skills and Presentation Skills

  • Delegation Skills – How to get people to actually do what they say they will do

  • Conflict Management and Problem Solving

  • Communication and Listening Skills – Understanding that everyone’s perspective is the reality and what that means

  • Time and Stress Management – What’s your motivation to say “yes” and the empowerment of a decisive “no”

  • Board, Volunteers and Staff - Balancing the relationship

In addition we also provide:

  • Committee/Staff/Volunteer/Board Consultations

  • Meeting/Conference Facilitation

  • Special Events that “WOW” and raise money (Reunions, Galas, Comedy shows)

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